Parks College Parachute Research Group

OSCALC, the Opening Shock Calculator Program

written by Dr. Jean Potvin and Gary Peek

With funding from the US Army Natick Solider Center the Parks College Parachute Reseach Group has developped a new software platform aimed at providing another user-friendly computer program for the computation of the maximum parachute drag force generated during inflation. Known as OSCALC, or Opening Shock Calculator, this Windows-based platform uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to facilitate data entry. OSCALC is much easier to use than PIMS, the Parachute Inflation Modeling Suite, but it provides only one output number, the maximum drag force. In contrast, PIMS provides both force and payload fall rate in addition of other observables. But it may be that OSCALC is all that you need.

The two links below point to files that can be downloaded:

The following graphic file is a screen shot of the program.


log file