Parks College Parachute Research Group

Outline of the presentation at the 1999 Parachute Industry Aassociation Symposium

Putting Science at the Service of Riggers and Manufacturers

presented by Jean Potvin and Gary Peek

Started in 1995, the Parks College Parachute Research Group (or PRG) is a university-based Research and Development organization dedicated to the scientific study of the parachute. Located at St. Louis University in St. Louis MO, the PRG is a small group of faculty members, their students and a professional consultant working towards a better experimental and theoretical understanding of parachute inflation and flight. Current scientific investigations include a study of ram-air cell pressurization occurring during inflation, and a long term study of riser loading on a large number of sport ram-air canopies. Some of this work has been done with the support of industrial partners such as Irvin Aerospace, Performance Designs and Paranetics Technology.

Following a short introduction of the PRG and its activities, the rest of the seminar will present several results from our research which may be of interest to parachute riggers and manufacturers as well as to sport jumpers. These include:

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